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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Curried Wheat Berry Salad

My cousin living in New York has requested the recipe for this favorite cold salad. It's a very free form recipe as I have never actually measured anything, but it will get her close.

16 oz wheat berries
1 small package slivered almonds
1 package of golden raisins
1 bunch scallions
equal parts olive oil and lemon juice
1 T honey
1 T sweet curry powder
salt and pepper

Fill a large pot with water. Bring to a boil and salt the water, then add the wheat berries. Cook them until they are tender and then drain. Put in a large mixing bowl. Add in the almonds and golden raisins. Chop the scallions fine and add to bowl. In a smaller lidded container, mix the olive oil, lemon juice, honey, and curry powder. Shake until mixed thoroughly. Pour dressing over the wheat berry mixture and then stir well. The salad is best if it is let to sit a bit, letting the flavors get all happy with each other. Since wheat berries can be hard to find, this is also a good recipe for things like barley or brown rice.


Brave Sir Robin said...

Sounds yummy.

A bit like tabbouleh?

Lindsey said...

Thank you so much heather :)

As predicted I couldn't find any wheat berries. I decided to use quinoa instead and besides it being a bit solid after sitting in the fridge over night, after breaking apart the grain it turned out great.

My first attempt at having a real thanksgiving dinner with friends away from home is turning out successfuly.

Jenn said...

yum, i love this one!