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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top 25 List of Celebs I'd Like to Know

So, I am sitting here waiting for a dozen photos of a grant-funded project to load at the funder's website, and I thought I would participate in Little Merry Sunshine's Top 25 Celebs (Male) I'd Like to Know, and by "know," she means in the biblical sense. This was a difficult exercise for me, as I actually don't find many celebrities all that attractive, so I had to include some dead ones and some that are just plain weird to make it to the magic number. Without further ado, here goes ...

Viggo Mortensen - a true chameleon, liberal, and damn smart, too.... what is not sexy about this man?

Gary Oldman - he may be a crab, but he has taken some incredible artistic risks, and they have paid off brilliantly.

Patrick Stewart - bald Brit with a killer accent - Captain Kirk has nothing on Picard!

Julian Sands - the hair, the androgynous features - I do like them a little girly.

Robert Sean Leonard - is no longer the pretty boy he was in Dead Poet's Society. Now older and heavier, he wears a subtle weariness on his face that makes him all the more real, and therefore, handsome.

Djimon Hounsou - his smile just knocks me for a loop!

Liam Neeson - I do have a thing for the craggy, less than perfect, guy.

Ralph Fiennes - I think I find him hot simply because I am jealous of his cheekbones.

Edward Norton - I do have a thing for the intellectual types, don't I?

Clive Owen - dark, brooding and sensitive. Yum-o...

Mario Batali - men who like food are the best! And I am a sucker for a redhead ...

Michael Ironside - I've liked him ever since V. Go figure!

Alfred Molina - again with the chunky types!

Stellan Skarsgard - another craggy, Nordic type ...

Geoffrey Rush - because he pokes great fun at himself

Hugh Jackman - because he does song and dance!

Forest Whitaker - Another one with the killer smile - and interesting, too!

Liev Schreiber - because the first film I ever saw him in, he was in a dress.

Adam Beach - because I loved him on SVU and I was mad when his character got carted off to jail.

Dennis Storhøi - because short men are tres sexy. The apple dumpling cheeks don't hurt either.

David Wenham - because I am a sucker for a redhead

Oded Fehr - something about that nose ...

Johnny Depp - because I know my sweetie likes him and I was running out of sexy celebs!

River Phoenix - because his loss was far too early and it would have been interesting to see what he did with a full life ...

Thomas Jefferson - because I covet his garden.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Oh Me, Oh My

So, I went with some friends to the world's most crowded arts and crafts fair this weekend. That was fun, but the best fun came later...

We were hungry and so we went to this little place to get some burgers. Only to discover that they had an hour wait for a table. It was 4:45 and they had an hour's wait! My goodness... So as we were heading back to the car, I said, "Let's look at the place on the corner."

It was a Romanian place - Kelly's or Continental or some such. And we said, sure. And walked in.

Everyone inside looks startled. The place smells heavily of cigarette smoke. There are a great many men inside. I begin to wonder if we haven't stumbled upon a restaurant serving as a front for the Romanian mob (is there such a thing?). A very nice woman takes us to a table and brings out the menus. Everything is about the same price, pretty much. Goulash, soup, and all very pork heavy. She comes back to take our order and I order goulash. They don't have it. She tells us the specials. I end up getting the stuffed cabbage with mashed potatoes. My friends get the sausage and the bean soup with a salad.

We start the meal with a huge basket of bread. It is quite good. My cabbage is good, and seems to have been made with a pickled pork. Which was a touch odd, but tasty. The sausage was incredible, and apparently the soup was as good as my friend's granny used to make.

So, all in all, it was a good experience. Although we giggled a lot. And I am pretty sure this guy was sitting in a corner somewhere!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Yup, They Was Weird

So followers on my blog probably also read Boxer's blog and, by now, no doubt know about the weird foods he was subjected to during our recent northern Wisconsin Thanksgiving. I gotta say, that coon was the best coon I had ever eaten. Tasted like fantastic BBQ beef. And deer heart is fantastic and so good for the iron levels; I don't care if my poor sweetie looked like he was gonna barf when I tried to coerce him to just taste a small piece.

But those microwaveable pork rinds? Gack!

I took them to my office today, because it is the only place I have a nuker. First off, they don't "pop" very well. And they smell burnt pepper. And they pop weirdly on the tongue and they don't taste good at all. I chucked mine in the trash.

Who in the hell is buying those things, enough that they sell them in bulk?!?!?! I am not sure I want to know!