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Friday, May 09, 2008

Today's Episode, in which Leo Objects to Bubble Gum Flavor

Leo is on steroids, which are actually quite expensive. I am busily looking at ways to claim him as a dependent on my medical savings account, but that may be difficult. Not to mention illegal.

Anyway, he has to have 2 ml of 'roids twice a day. I started out just trying to squirt the liquid into his mouth using a syringe, but his penchant for injuring humans when receiving medical care came to the forefront and he object most violently to my attentions. His dislike of the syringe technique is no doubt intensified by the fact that his medicine is bubble gum flavored, as Wally World did not have any special tuna flavored 'roids.

So I have been thinking about how I can get around this without having to go to the emergency room myself, and so I stopped off and purchased a bottle of clam juice. He likes fish, and I figured that the clam might overpower the bubble gum.

I got it home and opened it up and Leo was in the kitchen like a bolt of lightning and circling around my feet making the loudest pleas for yumminess that I have ever heard from him. I let him taste the juice of my finger, and he was licking his chops. So, I got his special wet food bowl, that he knows is his bowl for getting a delicious treat, and mixed the 'roids in which the clam juice. I put it on the floor and he lapped lapped lapped. And then he stopped with a mrup of surprise. Bubble gum flavor strikes again.

But he really really really wanted that clam juice, so he would have a slurp and then run away. And then come back. He is currently running up to it, sticking his paw in, licking his paw, paw in, lick, paw in, lick, run away. If I can get a picture, I will. I have never seen him act so silly in his entire life.

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