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Friday, April 18, 2008

See, beyotch, better listen to me next time. I'm a supersoft early warning system!


So, my cats have been acting strangely the last couple of days. Pele in particular has been driving me absolutely bonkers. Refusing to leave my side. Crawling down my nightgown. Jumping, and yes I do mean actually jumping, on my head in the middle of the night. Racing through the house like a mad fiend. She even attacked Leo last night, with her tail all puffed like she was pissed and meant business.

All this is totally unlike her. She can be playful and obnoxious but nothing as bad as this. And she will wrestle with Leo but she never initiates it. She is very protective. This behavior was completely out of character. This was naughtyness to the nth level.

This morning in the wee hours, I woke to both of the beasties in bed with me, crying as if the world were ending, trying to burrow into my skin. And then the house started to rattle, just a little bit, kind of like it does if the furnace is really cranking and sets the pipes to shaking. Which was strange as I have the furnace turned very low this time of year and I knew it wasn't on.

So I listened. Maybe the trash truck had flipped over outside my house. Maybe the neighbor's son had his bass turned extra special loud just for my morning listening pleasure. And then it stopped. I smelled no smoke and heard no sirens and the cats had mostly settled down so I turned over and went back to sleep. When I left for work this morning, Leo was curled in a ball on his favorite spot on the raditor - the one where he can be warm and watch birds. Pele was zonked out in the front window with her head in her favorite plant.

In the way to work this morning, I found out the reason for the strange behavior and the rattling during the wee hours. We had an earthquake! 5.4 - decent sized if not California-grand.


Little Merry Sunshine said...


I can't believe you felt it all the way up in Waukegan! WOW!

One of my girlfriends in Mt. Prospect felt it, but I didn't in Arlington Heights (2 minutes from Mt. Prospect).

Betsey and Ross (my cats) have been extra clingy the last few days, but not really naughty. And although they both spent the entire night on my bed, neither one made a peep until 5:30 when Betsey decided the world had to be up and happy about it. I knew it was 5:30 cuz I looked at the clock and then told her to shut up and go back to sleep (completely out of character, she listened). I'm kinda bummed I didn't feel it.

That said, my dad in Indianapolis said he felt it.

Have a great day!

konagod said...

Very decent indeed. Better there than here. No offense intended, but damn. I went through the Northridge of '94 and have no desire for anything resembling a replay.

konagod said...

and that is one badass lookin' cat.

GourmetGoddess said...

I have been in a tornado... that was terrifying... all you could do was sit there and hope you wouldn't die... This earthquake is nothing compared to that. I sadly didn't even get any broken windows I could fob off on the insurance company.

Yeah, Pele is bad ass... she has major 'tude.....

Boxer rebel said...

Pele is badass and that is why she is my fav. She is simply awesome, smooches Pele.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Of course that is the soundtrack!!!!

Glad you're ok.

Hurricanes, I can do. Earthquakes?

Damn!! I hope not.