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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today's Episode, in which Heather Gets a Man for Her Birthday

So my birthday was last Thursday, March 13. I spent the day cleaning and lazing around, preparing for something that could have been either wonderful or horrid. Luckily for all involved, it turned out better than wonderful

Back in summer, as the result of a series of fortunate accidents, I began talking with another blogger (Boxer Rebellion) via email (read the whole story here).

Our first email exchange was rather amusing:

Him: Oh and by the way, the picture of you from your family reunion with your face in the watermelon, so very cool. I was going to post a comment when I first saw it, but since I didn't want to come off as some skeezy boy who was trying to hit on you, which I am and would have been, and your mother reads your blog, I just held my tongue till now.

Me: I wish I could say I was the woman in the watermelon. That is actually a cousin, a few times removed (I really need a road map at our family reunions). Our hair is about the same color, but that is about it. I wish it were me. She is wonderfully beautiful. And, honestly, my mom would be totally thrilled to have a boy, skeezy or not, hit on me, especially in public. She's become utterly convinced that I am going to die a stereotypical cat lady......

So we have been emailing and IMing everynight since then and just really clicked. But one never knows what will happen in person. So last Thursday, Boxer flew up here and we had the big meeting. Could we stand each other? Did we smell right? Was there any chemistry? Could we get along?

And the answers are: absolutely, oh yeah, oh baby, and you bet!

So, in June, we are going to take the next step and move in together, here in the Waukegan abode. And I for one will be so happy that we can hold hands and really talk and not type at each other!

And for everyone who has been through relationship hell (like I have been and like, I know, some of my readers have been), don't give up hope because someone wonderful might fall into your blog or your email when you least expect it.

PS. Moving is damn expensive, so if you are so inclined to give a small donation to help with moving expenses, please drop me a line! We would be thankful, and you will receive one of my infamous cookie recipes (yet to be published) in gratitude!

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Melissa McEwan said...

OMGOMGOMG squeeeeeeeeeee!

Congratulations! :-)

(And, okay, because I am a big selfish swine, I'm glad the Waukegan abode will be the shared one -- so you will still be able to attend Shakes meet-ups. +1!)

Brave Sir Robin said...

Hey, I already Squeeeeee'd over at his place!!!!!

Heather, I am THRILLED!!!!!!

First, Jenn and Bob

Now you and Boxer . . .

CAN IT BE MY TURN?????????

I'll do it again even if Melissa beat me to it.


FranIAm said...

I see your comments over at Boxer's all the time.

And I just read his post and headed over here.

I think he is such a great guy - a real mensch, if you know Yiddish. I have enjoyed reading his blog and I like his humor and his wisdom. (for the record i am a 50 year old married blogger!!)

And I always wish in my heart for his happiness, his beshert. If you dont' know that word ask him.

Good things to good people! Yay!

The Cunning Runt said...


Well, "believable," but very cool!

Congrats, Folks! And Boxer, careful you don't get FAT - this Gurrrl can cook!!!

teryn said...

I got to do my in person squee with you yesterday. Now, I get to do my online squee! Honestly, I'd been checking the blog every day waiting for the news, so I'm glad you were able to stop by yesterday. :)


Timmy said...

So... what does the man smell like? I'm holding my breath here~!

Michelle said...

Well Congratulations, I think that is awesomef or both you and super champ Boxer person hehe ;)

Jenn said...

Yay! <3