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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Is Amusing

Not being a Christian, I don't normally celebrate Christian holidays, but, really, if a holiday involves food, chances are that I am there. No matter what faith. I even enjoyed visiting the Hari Krishnas and their services because they always fed you afterwards. I greatly enjoy Hannukah and Passover. Christmas not so much, but both Thanksgiving and Easter are just fine. I have even been to Eid celebrations as well as various Hindi celebrations, must of which I can't remember the name of.... Pagans, of course, always have huge potlucks at any gathering.

So, this year for Easter, I am all by myself. The College isn't doing anything special, like a brunch. And while I normally would do a little Easter something just on my own, I really don't feel like making a giant ham (a giant ham being the only thing in my freezer) although I might suck it up and make some roasted garlic mashed taters and some asparagus (asparagus being my spring harbinger). I won't be coloring eggs or making buckets of egg salad. And while I might eat some Easter chocolate, I frankly find most Easter candy to be foul. Especially Peeps. Peeps are evil, Disgusting. Bad. But also funny.... Let me demonstate.

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Brave Sir Robin said...


They are also fun in the microwave.

Boxer rebel said...

Give me your peeps and no one gets hurt. Yes, I love them little bundles of sugar and air but only around Easter and only in a certain number, not too many.

And if you have not checked out my blog yet, go as you are posted about, but you knew this was coming.