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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Damn Dog Tagged Us

So, Logan over at Boxer Rebllion put the tag on us to play along with this meme. We must reveal seven untruths about ourselves. So here goes...

Pele says:

1. I am not the most gorgeous, softest cat in the universe.
2. Squirrels respect my authority.
3. I never, ever knock things off the dresser when I want attention in the middle of the night.
4. I feel perfectly calm and at ease when human feeder #1 is in the shower.
5. I never cry when human feeder #1 goes to work as I am perfectly self-sufficient.
6. It is certainly some other evil cat who digs in the potted plants.
7. I am never frightened when the alarm clock goes off in the morning.

Leo says:
1. I am totally smart.
2. I mean it, way smart.
3. I don't like beer!
4. I enjoy the great outdoors, especially in winter time!
5. Someday, I will be able to go through the magical barrier and destroy that squirrel that taunts me.
6. I have fantastic depth perception.
7. Have I mentioned that I am very smart?

1 comment:

Boxer rebel said...

LOL and he is not damned. Well maybe he is as I am Jewish so does that mean that if I have to go to hell for not believing in jeebus, does my dog have to go as well?