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Monday, May 07, 2007

A Bit Sad

Unpacking continues to go well. I have only 3 smallish boxes left and a few piddly things to do. Mia madre has been a tremendous help, even doing the laundry and hanging it on the line as I currently have no working dryer. I expect to be able to post some pictures soon, well as soon as I find my downloading cord.

Still, despite how well everything is going - even if I have been spilling the gas in the back of my car - I am feeling a bit sad. Having mia madre around for the last couple of weeks has made me realize that I am actually a bit depressed and lonely. I haven't made any g0ood friends like I had in Boston. Most of my friends are work friends and they are great, but they go home at night to their other lives. As they rightly should. I have been trying to get more involved in activities, but not much luck there either. And yes I know it takes time, but still. So I am a bit sad this day....


Brave Sir Robin said...

Loneliness is the bitterest pill of our society today.

Hang in there kiddo.

YOu have friends out here in the inter-tubes.

Jenn said...

And in China too! <3

I promise I will visit within a year of returning to the US.

Maybe once you are done moving, you can meet some neighbors and focus on the activities a bit more.


Anonymous said...

I am here for you Heather. I will come to visit as much as possible and do what I can to find some friends for you to share your wonderful personality and life with.