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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Honor of Laziness

I decided to do the checking of the keywords. Sadly, how people find my blog is actually fairly boring. 

GourmetGoddess, or variants thereof, are the most searched keyword, naturally. The second highest keyword search is "curried wheatberry salad." Now, I am famous for this salad, so go me! I get a few other hits on various ingredients or recipes. Lately, I have had a whole group of folks come looking for information on the MAT. I am not the only anxious one, I guess. But for the most part, nothing very special.

Unless you could the person who found me with the search term "I had a dream about someone cooking another human." Or "recipe for ed gein stew." Or "What are 'apple dumpling cheeks?" Or people looking for info on someone named Kristen Leoiki. Or people really worried about the annanuki taking over or wanting to have some special quiet time with Michael Ironside.

Oh, and to the person looking for an "ed gein stew" recipe, please contact your mental health professional today. Thank you.

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Lindsay said...

My most frequent keyword search is "what rhymes with nasty" which naturally leads to a post that I wrote on pasty.