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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Raccoon Jamboree

I teach late Wednesday nights, a course on female images of the divine in the west, aka the goddess class. I wasn't feeling the greatest last night (or today, either, for that matter), and so after a rather spirited discussion on the evils of 1 Timothy, Augustine, and our friend Tertullian and some confused looks during my lecture on the Eve versus Mary celebrity smackdown in the pre-350 AD Christian Church, I cut class 30 minutes short, and headed home.

Driving home, I came across a very cool sight. I wish I had a camera that actually could have taken good night images. Because there, around the base of a huge oak tree, were six or seven raccoons dancing in a circle. I swear to god/dess! They were on their hind legs, waving their little front paws in the air and doing the hora.

Of course, I had to stop and watch them for a few minutes, upon which they noticed me and gave me the dirtiest looks ever (I mean, I was totally dissed!) and disappeared into the brush.

It was truly a magical moment...

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Little Merry Sunshine said...

What a great story!