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Friday, June 22, 2007

The Season for All Growing Things

Today, please enjoy these beautiful pictures:

First, the faun that was outside the front door of my office.

Secondly, my herb garden. It's a start!

Third, my beautiful roses.

And finally, Pele not giving a shit. Again.


Anonymous said...

Those pics are wonderful. Are the roses from near the herb garden? The bush that we were wondering what exactly it was? Beautiful.
Love ya,

Gourmet Goddess said...

Yeah, they are. There turns out to be two rose bushes and some other weird sort of plant with a thick stem/trunk all in that little circular area. This is the plant that actually was marked Saint Joseph's Coat, but that I wasn't sure was actually a rose because of that weird stem that is mixed in with it. The smaller rose bush, the one that we knew all along was a rose, appears to have buds of a light color. It hasn't opened yet. As for what the mystery plant is, I have no idea. It looks like some sort of elm sucker. I lopped it off again. I will definitely be saving the two rose bushes when I have that area tilled for the garden. Maybe I can plant them up front where I am removing that ugly shrub in the corner, although I might plant climbing roses there instead, as they can grow along the fence and that would be beautiful.