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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

House of Pizza!!!

This whole "House of Pizza" name game has me baffled. Every town in Massachusetts seems to have one. And they are usually the worst greasy spoons ever, with nary a real slice of pizza to be found.

Mansfield House of Pizza
Attleboro House of Pizza
Norton House of Pizza (which I have been told is quite tasty and is actually Greek-style rather than Italian)

A quick Google search shows that House of Pizza is common all throughout the East Coast. Maybe, when they all got started, they used the moniker to suggest it was like home cooking .

You know - house = home, etc?

Who knows.

Of course where I grew up in the great White North, we had no Houses of Pizza. Instead, we had Pizza Hut. And I guess I would rather eat at the House then the Hut any day. We also had Little Caeser's (Pizza! Pizza! Or so they claimed).

The best place to get pizza in northern Wisconsin is the bar, believe it or not. Most bars have these fancy little pizza ovens, and all you get is the frozen kind. But they are the good frozen kind. At worst you get a Tombstone. If you are lucky, your favorite bar will have Jack's or Smiley's - two of the better pizzas I have ever had.

Of course, now that I am moving back to Chicagoland, I will be forced to deal with the Chicago-style pizza, which I personally think is nasty bad. Unless, of course, I can get lucky and find a Roman style shop...

thin, crispy like a cracker, not overly sauced and creatively topped....... yum yum!


Jenn said...

Yeah, I totally agree about the deep dish pizza. If I am feeling like a casserole, I'll eat casserole. If I want pizza, I want pizza!!

Also, have you noticed that Mass pizza is always sort of small and sometimes thickish?

Cam's New York Pizzeria, Penn Yan, NY best pizza I've ever had, STILL!

Jenn said...


Maybe you can write about moving food and meals?


soccer mom in denial said...

You are missed. I hope the North Country is beautiful.

However, one benefit to the "bad" House of Pizzas is they are locally owned. Those nights I can't bear another "kid meal" I can call my local House and they deliver a hot, greasy, pepperoni pizza. My kids think I am the coolest AND I didn't give my money to some big conglomerate formerly owned by a right wing, sexist conservative.

Gourmet Goddess said...

ugh! Soccer Mom in Denial mentioned the evil Dominos pizza! Run away run away!

*laughs* tis true though... given the choice, go local rather than chain.

I have been madly looking for pizza here in Lake Forest. There used to be this fabulous place when I was here 10 years ago, but I can't find it now.